First Eye-Controlled Laptop

Worlds First Eye-Controlled Laptop

Future of Information Technology is going vast and vast day by day. Everyday rises with some very unique, attractive and wonderful idea’s to make this technology more powerful. Now a days Information Technology is working on Motion Control with human machine interface. A Swedish Firm Tobii, Specialized in eye control technology, merged the technology with 20 prototype Windows 7 laptop with built in eye control sensors.

Technology first came with mouse and keyboards, then Touch Screens and motion control and now the eye Control. Tobii is offering the glimpse  into the future of this Computers with the first piece of machine controlled by eye of a user. It is the of The world.

“It makes using a laptop more efficient,” Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “What if you could just look to where you’re going to take your mouse and the [cursor] just appears there. If you’re have to look at something anyway, why not have that actually facilitate the movement you’re getting ready to make?”

“This is the beginning,” says Barclay. “Imagine you’re looking at 3D models of things, and you want to have it so that when you shift your head from left to right, the object that you’re looking at moves relative to your location.”

Lenovo and Tobii made just 20 prototypes total of the eye-spying laptop for demo purposes. The sensors add significant bulk to the laptop design, though, and the company says the technology is “a couple of years” (and a couple of partners) away from being put into machines on store shelves.

i must say it is the Wao in Information Technology.

                                                              Tobii CEO Henrik Eskilsson uses the eye gaze to control the computer

     Henrik Eskilsson, CEO, testing the motion-sensing laptop. The good-size hump on the back of the

computer contains the cameras that track a user’s eye movements.


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