Vibrant red Looks too in this season.

Fiery red hair shades are leading in the style stakes this season.

A hot trend in A-list circles and on the runway, everyone seems to be seeing red this season. Celebrities are casting aside their blonde or brunette barnets and opting for a vibrant red tint in the quest for an even more striking look. After all, singer Rihanna’s lovely voice isn’t the only reason she stays on the covers of the glossies all year round. Her bold experiments with ginger, copper and strawberry hair shades also make her a hot favourite of the magazines.

Becoming a redhead can make a dramatic impression, whether you go for a full red colour wash or just a few ruby highlights or lowlights, and whether you get it done at a professional salon or simply use DIY kits. But, as trendy and eye-catching as red hair is, it takes serious maintenance for the colour to stay rich and vibrant for more than a couple of weeks. We asked Paris-based Christophe Robin, L’Oréal’s hair colour expert and creative colour director, for tips on how to get this look right.

Precautionary elements before using RED.

  • When choosing a hair colour, opt for one that will complement your skin tone and suit your personality, regardless of the trend.
  • Almost anyone can go for red as long as they choose the correct shade for their complexion and natural hair colour. Remember, red fades easily and will require more frequent touch-ups than other colours. So you should take good care of your hair before, during and after coloring to lock in the gloss and to make the colour long lasting. Use hair-nourishing masks for a few weeks before colouring – this will improve the hair’s condition and protect it from dryness and breakage.
  • Red hair colour has some unique characteristics: firstly, you need to be sure of the results before making the leap to the red side as it is difficult to remove this colour completely from the hair if you change your mind.
  • Colouring the hair might result in dryness if the hair was not cared for well before or during the colouring and if it is not well cared for after the treatment.
  • Always read the instructions, and don’t skip the skin-allergy sensitivity test before starting.
  • Don’t always think what you see on the colour pack is what the result will be; it always differs depending on the current shade of your hair, whether it was coloured before or natural, as well as its condition. So be prepared for those kind of variations in the result.
  • It is not advisable to go for a different root colour when the rest of your hair is red because the difference will always be prominently visible. Retouch your roots every two to four weeks using the same hair colour as you applied before.

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