5 Tips to Make the Most Money from Google Adsense

Some people may be aware of the different ways online but, one seems to be most commonly and easily used. This is by using Google Adsense. If you have never heard of it, Google Adsense id when you have a website or a blog and you can place Google ads onto your page. Whenever someone clicks on the Google ads that you have placed on your site, you will get paid for it.
There are people out there right now that have made thousands of dollars per day from Google adsense. It can be quite a hard thing to do if you are strictly basing Google adsense as your full time income. Now, I would like to discuss with you a few things that you can do in order to get your Google ads fully ready to start making money.
1. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your Google ads match your website color. You don’t want to have a brown ad mixed on top of a purple website background. It doesn’t look right and in decreases the click through rate.
2. Whenever you choose the types of ads you want make sure that you put as many ads as possible on your site. Don’t make it look over crowded though because people will identify quickly that your site is spamming ads.
3. Make sure that you write about something, or have content on a niche that is very profitable. You can do a search in Google keyword tool to find which keywords are making the most money in your niche. When you find that out, you can write some stuff about your niche using that keyword and the ads will automatically upload the ads that are paying more money.
4. Avoid using the leader board image ads because they seem less appealing and have been proven that they have a lower click through rate as well.
5. Never click on your own ads to try and get more money out of it. You can get a fine from Google and you will no longer ever be allowed to use Google adsense again.
So, there you have it! I have given you 5 tips to gaining more money with Google ads. Now, in order to get a full time income using Google adsense, you must multiply your work. By this I mean you should have over 10 websites up and running with traffic through them to get the most amount of money from just Google ads alone.


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