Top 10 Beautiful Bridges in the World

The first bridges were built with wooden planks, ropes and stones. Soon, stronger material were required. Wood and stone bridges gave way to iron, then to steel ones. Bridge building techniques also evolved: beam, cantilevered, cable-stayed, and suspension bridges – each with advantages that made it the right choice for a particular location.

10. Khaju Bridge

the Khaju bridge (Pol-e-Khajoo) in Isfahan, Iran, was built in the 17th century by Shah Abbas II. The bridge also serves as a dam, with sluice gates under the archways. When the gates are closed, the water level behind the bridge is raised to irrigate gardens alongside the Zayandeh River.

9.Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge (Kobe, Japan)

8.Bosphorus Bridge (Istanbul, Turkey)

7.Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

6.Chengyang Bridge (Sanjiang of Guangxi Province, China)

5.Coronado Bridge (San Diego, California, USA)


4.Hangzhou Bay Bridge (Hangzhou Bay, China)

4.Donghai Bridge (Shanghai, China)

3.Erasmus Bridge (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

2.Fehmarn Belt Bridge (Hamburg, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark)

1.Gateshead Millennium Bridge (Gateshead to Newcastle, UK)


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