Aisam Ul Haq and Faha Makhdum – Wedding Pictures


Top 10 Classic Cars

4.  Chevrolet El Camino

Beautiful Roads

Top 7 Amazing Concept Watches Idea’s

7. Equinox Watch Concept Design

This is the concept design by Nuno Teixeira. This watch is specially purpose-built to line up all of its dials like a sundial when the sun is directly above the equator at both the autumn and spring is fabulous.

6. ON AIR Wrist Watch

An amazing watch with extraordinary way of telling time. Turkish designer Iskender Asanaliev has created a design where the LED hour hand doubles as the digital minute displays.

5.Watch Displaying Time in Sand

Designer Balykin Pavel tells the time with digital sand this watch is the Reddot Design Award winner for 2006.

4.LED Watch

This watch was created by Hironao Tsuboi. The watch looks like it’s all wristband until the digital display lights up.

3.4D Watch

This sleek 4D Watch was created by Balykin Pavel. It has 4 square screens to display hours, minutes, seconds and date.


Tima is a watch concept by Julien Bergigna. it has both digital display and a classic view of the time and can be adjust simultaneously for showing the same hour or two different time zones. By ePaper technology, characters can be displayed on the curved surface of the watch.

1.Swatch “Infinity” Concept Watch

It is a concept watch design presented by Swatch under the name “Infinity” and features video, mp3 music and photo sharing. It not only plays back video, it records it as well.

Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Art

Drawing  from the RIGHT angle:

Previous drawing from the WRONG angle!

Garbage Shadow Art


Top 10 Unique Laptops

1.gScreen G400 Dual Screen  Laptop

2.Ergonomic Dual Screen Split Keyboard Laptop

3.Transparent Screen Laptops

4.HP Girly Laptop

5.Hp mini laptop

6.Canvas Laptop by Kyle Cherry

7.ThinkPad reserve Edition


9.Intel’s Metro NoteBook



Top 10 Worlds Most Unique Hotels

1.Sand Hotel in United Kingdom

It is The world’s first hotel made of sand. It was opened on a beach in Weymouth.

2.Ice Hotel in Canada

3.Capsule Hotel in Japan

Modern hotel where the guest space is reduced in size to a modular plastic or fiberglass block, providing enough room to sleep.

4.Survival Pod Hotel in Netherlands

The Capsule Hotel, which consists of oil rig survival pods, is located on a canal in Amsterdam

5.Cave Hotel in Turkey

6.Airplane Hotel in Sweden

7.Prison Hotel in Germany

8.Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria

9.Jungle Hotel in Mexico

140.Salt hotel Bolivia

Dubai at its Best

UAE is famous about its weather, a sudden guess that came into mind as thinking of Dubai “hot Weather”, “Sand”… Wait a min What i am going to tell you… Dubai Ski..??? Yup ice in the center of Desert. Ski Dubai  is the beautiful place to be enjoyed. It is situated at the Mall Of The Emirates. Enjoy the goodness and an unforgettable experience of Ski and ice in the middle of desert, giving you the gliding through the soft snow. Doesn’t it makes you excited???  It is also one of worlds largest indoor ski resorts. 
Let me show you some pictures of this beautiful ski land.



First Eye-Controlled Laptop

Worlds First Eye-Controlled Laptop

Future of Information Technology is going vast and vast day by day. Everyday rises with some very unique, attractive and wonderful idea’s to make this technology more powerful. Now a days Information Technology is working on Motion Control with human machine interface. A Swedish Firm Tobii, Specialized in eye control technology, merged the technology with 20 prototype Windows 7 laptop with built in eye control sensors.

Technology first came with mouse and keyboards, then Touch Screens and motion control and now the eye Control. Tobii is offering the glimpse  into the future of this Computers with the first piece of machine controlled by eye of a user. It is the of The world.

“It makes using a laptop more efficient,” Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “What if you could just look to where you’re going to take your mouse and the [cursor] just appears there. If you’re have to look at something anyway, why not have that actually facilitate the movement you’re getting ready to make?”

“This is the beginning,” says Barclay. “Imagine you’re looking at 3D models of things, and you want to have it so that when you shift your head from left to right, the object that you’re looking at moves relative to your location.”

Lenovo and Tobii made just 20 prototypes total of the eye-spying laptop for demo purposes. The sensors add significant bulk to the laptop design, though, and the company says the technology is “a couple of years” (and a couple of partners) away from being put into machines on store shelves.

i must say it is the Wao in Information Technology.

                                                              Tobii CEO Henrik Eskilsson uses the eye gaze to control the computer

     Henrik Eskilsson, CEO, testing the motion-sensing laptop. The good-size hump on the back of the

computer contains the cameras that track a user’s eye movements.